Golden Gate Light Optimization, or G2LO for short, provides solutions to your complicated optical problems. The drive is to make complicated optical systems appear simple such that the problem within that system can be solved.

The company has experience in many optical areas:

  • RGB & B/W cameras
  • Image quality to include MicroBolometers
  • Range finder (LiDAR) design
  • Polarimetric imaging to include image dehazing
  • Hyper-spectral imaging (FTS & Dispersive) – full image chain
  • Interferometry, Birefringent solar spectral filters
  • Focal plane performance evaluation
  • Optical turbulence

G2LO has the philosophy that once the problem is understood, the solution can be readily provided.

Image Quality

We design and specify imaging systems for remote sensing based on Image Quality (IQ) using photon counting detectors. Models are based on Fourier optics and radiometry, and predicted IQ is graded based on NIIRS, “Q”, and (aberrated) Rayleigh criterion.

Range Finder (LiDAR)

We can generate link budgets leading to probability of detection (PD) & probability of false alarm (PFA) to include estimates rainfall/fog/haze SNR attenuation and provide radiometric optical sensitivity using avalanche photo diode (APD). We also perform optical physics wavelength studies (laser head-to-detector material).

Polarimetric imaging

We design and specify polarimetric imaging systems for remote sensing. Polarimetric imaging provides an orthogonal imaging to spectral. We also provide polarimetric image processing to extract vital information from the data Stokes values and Mueller matrix, e.g., haze removal from imagery.


We have Fourier Optics modeling capabilities for both imaging and beam propagation.

MicroBolometers (LWIR)

We design and specify LWIR systems for remote sensing based on Image Quality (IQ) employing microBolometers and photon counting.

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